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Mobile Suit Eternity is a anime/tokusatsu episodic TV series following Sunrise's Gundam series.It started airing October 16, 2010 - today. It is a funny, realistic, dramatic, action packed, and family friendly TV series.


Terrorists, gangs, mobs are attacking and endangering the people. Earlier, in 2286 a group tried to colonize space. They weren't heard since then. In 2326 a space group called Ghost declares war and wants to take over the world. The only alias of there leader is Zetross (Zeh-tra-ss), an unknown man with a endless knowledge of technology. They have the weapons, Mobile Suits that help them in there cause. While humanity is afraid its at its end, a team called Forthright, rebels against Ghost and make sure that humanity is safe. Is this the end of humanity, or is it the beginning of a new era? Stay tuned!



21 yrs. Michael Dagger:Leader and brother of Daniel

15 yrs. Daniel Dagger: 4th command/ heavy weapons and brother of Michael

20 yrs. Nate Wreck:2nd/ sniper

20 1/2 yrs. Riley Tank:3rd/ speed

14 yrs. Dayton Blade:5th/ support


34 yrs. Zetross Kumade" Leader

29 yrs.Darrel Ohmar: 2nd command

Soldiers, Generals, Colonel, Etc.

Main characters:

17 yrs. Justin Watson

17 yrs. Mary Chesapeake

18 yrs. Koutaro Muguri

17 yrs. Susan Pizarro

24 yrs. Judy Catamar

26 yrs. Karen Catamar

Mobile suits

Coming soon.