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  • I was redirected here while looking at your account and saw the whole picture that you've worked on so far. It all looks fascinating in a radical sort of way. As much as I'd think the term Universal Century should go to intergalactic explorers, it adds a lot of new worlds and redefinitions. I'm not sure I'd change a lot of the names and add the Zabis another girl. Speaking of which, when you wrote Miharu Zabi, did you base her on that spy of the Principality from the original show, or is she an OC?

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    • Thanks for the interest. As to your question, Tomino actually intended Miharu (the name if not the character) to be another Zabi family member, but for some reason cut her out at some point, and from there switched the name over to the Zeek spy that fell for Kai. That being said, the Miharu in Alpha is definitely an OC - think Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass as a Zabi.


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    • I see. From one fan fiction writer to another, it's a bit hard writing an entire character that wasn't introduced in canon in the stories we make, but sometimes it's necessary to edge out the story. Especially when the original canon was cut short for whatever tragic reason. I would've loved to see either Degwin give himself up to the Feds for a surprise attack, Amuro and Gihren finally getting their battle that they deserved, or perhaps both concluded by Amuro fighting Degwin to save Earth on the first anniversary the war began. But I'm probably adding spoilers for what goes on inside my head. I'm not much of an anime expert and I've grown dissatisfied with manga for its occasional dirtybits, but for some reason, I can't help but wonder what The original Gundam and the Dragon Ball series might have gone if there were some differences. Such as Amuro's mother's horrible reaction and the fact that Gihren actually had no real reason to be a complete monster other than he could. Of course it must be the same for others. I'm checking your story now on and so far it looks interesting. I especially liked the Killzone reference. Although I'm rather concerned about the language. In my opinion, unless the story is significantly altered from the original, it should probably surround themes and language customizable to the original. Then again I don't know the shows rating. Then there's the lack of description for characters like Amuro. Of course some people may have seen Amuro, but not all of them. Followed by that I'm confused whether or not this story is meant to be a novel or a show. Still, I'm hopeful you know what you're doing and if you find a crossing you can always ask for advice. Don't know much about Gundam or its possibilities on a galactic stage, but I think I can think of some things that can be done to portray Gihren's moral depavity and how the Ark Royal crew evolves from an assortment of angst filled kids to more better, yet still morally gray, protagonists. Placing Amuro into more self-sacrifice moments and getting through Sayla's own shell sounds like a good start. I'll try to make a review on your story soon enough, so we can private message more on ideas. If you find that agreeable? Anyway, I've also find another Gundam AU that I think should be listed on this fanon wiki. It's called Mobile Suit Gundam: A different 0079 UC.

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    • Not that I meant any offense to it.

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  • Notice your page Characters (Galactic Century) is that for a long story your building? Its extensive an very well thought out if you need a good suit to use in it feel free to add my GN-XII Regolith to the list of suits.

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  • A certain user keeps editing your pages, if this is fine with you then there's no problem (several users can edit a person's page but only if it's made clear that they're allowed to, you might want to use Template:Double Writer).

    However, unless I'm told that he's actually allowed to be editing those pages I have to assume it's vandalism and will eventually have to throw the book at him.

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