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Chapter 6: Meeting Saji & Louise


The episode starts with an 5 minute recap of events from the end of Chapter 5, narrated by Ash Kennedy for the first half, then later Elizabeth Kennedy for the second half. The scene later goes to Elizabeth, who goes to the Emerald Tower Militaire main office to apply as a member. Having accepted her brother's offer, she gets accepted the following day. Ash introduces her to Jack Crawford, the commander and founder of Emerald Tower Militaire.

Meanwhile, Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy were taking a walk around Sapphire City, looking for new friends to make. Their search ended with bad results, as they never found any new friends to make. They later see that the Sapphire City Mall is being repaired after its destruction by a Black Zaku II. Louise asks what happened, and the construction manager answers that they are rebuilding the mall after its destruction the previous day.

Ash then asks Elizabeth if she wants to spend some time with him walking around Sapphire City, she answered yes and the two siblings go for a walk. They met Saji and Louise on the way, they were looking at the reconstruction that is being done to the Sapphire City Mall.

The siblings introduce themselves to them, and Elizabeth told them the story of how her brother saved her life. Upon hearing that, Saji and Louise congratulate Ash for being brave enough to save his sister from her death. The siblings quickly became friends upon hearing Elizabeth's story, and they head on over to the TS496 headquarters for Elizabeth to take the Forced Evolution test. Although she wanted to be a nurse alongside of a Gundam pilot, Elizabeth talks to Serena Winston about it and she told her that she'd train with her brother before taking the Forced Evolution test.

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