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Tieren Kokuto Yoru Black Ops Use

The MSJ-06111-KY Tieren Kokuto Yoru is the personal unit of HRL Super Soldier Drake Bege in the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms site. It is developed from the Tieren Taozi seen in the canon series.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Based on the Tieren frame in use by the HRL for years, the Kokuto Yoru is a high-performance, high-mobility unit specialised for use by the enhanced Super Soldiers. Its external appearance is streamlined and simplified by request of his pilot, and its performance optimised for melee combat.

Its cockpit features a 360-degree holographic display to provide the most information possible to the enhanced senses of its pilot, and the frame is covered in extra boosters. The AI is improved to allow the suit to keep up with the pilot's reflexes.


  • 30mm Machine Gun [mounted in chest]
  • 200x25mm Smoothbore Gun [mounted on arm]
  • Black Blade: An oversized, customised Carbon Blade with experimental anti-beam coating.


The Kokuto Yoru has not seen recorded use yet but has been in service for several years.


  • The suit's sword is modelled on that of the One Piece character Mihawk, in common with its pilot, whose appearance takes after the same character.
  • While the suit's design is based on the Tieren Taozi, it features parts from the Gouf and High Mobility Zaku appearing in the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

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