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The MKW-9052 Sapphire Gundam is a Prototype transformable close combat mobile suit. It is piloted by Louise Halevy. The unit was heavily damaged in Chapter 24, but later abandoned in Chapter 50, being replaced with the Gundam Noir in Chapter 1 of the second series.


The Sapphire Gundam bears a great resemblance to the ZGMF-X31S (RGX-02) Abyss Gundam, as it uses the same technology and some of it's abilities. It can use the Trident System, a device that is able to directly interpret the user's thoughts by picking up their brainwaves. It is based upon the Psycommu System, but modified for use with non-Newtype pilots.

It can also use the Trans-Am System, an inherent feature of both the GN Drive and GN Drive Tau that temporarily increases their GN Particle output beyond normal parameters for greatly enhanced combat performance. As well as the ability to go into Gunner mode.