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"Mom, this very mobile suit, is what Ash wished for: The ASO Gundam.. Mk-II. Ash will be happy when he see this."
―Elizabeth Kennedy, talking about the ASO Mk-II with her mother, Linda Vashti.

The MKV-9152 ASO Gundam Mk-II (AKA The ASO Gundam Mark II) is the successor to the MKV-9052 ASO Gundam appearing in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Memories - Weiss, and the compilation movie Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Continuum Overdrive. It is piloted by a 24-year-old Ash Kennedy, who also piloted the original ASO Gundam. While it shares the same name as the ASO, its appearance is drastically altered.

The ASO Gundam Mk-II also appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00S: Crossover, piloted once again by Ash himself. After the Battle of Ceres The ASO Mk-II would be upgraded into the MKV-9152-Kai ASO Gundam Mk-II Kai


The ASO Gundam Mk-II uses some of the same technology used in the GNT-0000 00 Qan(T), but with the addition of the Psychoframe Cockpit and the Quantum Brainwave Control System. Because of this, many consider the ASO Gundam Mark II as a rival to the 00 Qan(T).

One of the new additions to the ASO Mk-II is the new Zwei Quantum funnel weapon. The Nightingale featured a similar system but its psycommu had not been fully miniaturized and the funnels were stored in its main body, leaving the prototype with a large body that stood 25 meters tall. The system aboard the ASO had been perfected and its five funnel weapons were stored in a tail binder allowing for quicker deployment and recall for charging. The Zwei Quantum Funnels are powered by the Mobile Suit's new Zwei Quantum Drive, an updated version of the Quantum Drive designed for use by Observers.

Already a formidable mobile suit with its ability to attack from multiple directions with its Zwei Quantum Funnels, the ASO Mk-II was the pinnacle of mobile suit technology in the Polaris Conflict.


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