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The LNS-5367 Emerald Gundam is the titular mobile suit of Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles. It is manufactured by Celestial Being, and piloted by Ash Kennedy, who was the original pilot of the MKV-9052 ASO Gundam before switching units with Saji Crossroad. It is an upgraded ASO Gundam created for use by Observers.

The Emerald Gundam, now fully repaired, also appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00S: Crossover, this time piloted by Ash's sister, Elizabeth Kennedy. It would be later upgraded into the Emerald Gundam Affinity after the Battle of Ceres.


The Emerald Gundam can use the Trans-Am System, an inherent feature of both the GN Drive and GN Drive Tau that temporarily increases their GN Particle output beyond normal parameters for greatly enhanced combat performance. As well as the ability to go into Gunner mode.

Although Celestial Being did not research the extent of the powers of an Observer, the Emerald Gundam was optimized for improved reaction time with Observer pilots.


During the later battles of the Sacred Lightning War, Celestial Being realized a problem with the ASO Gundam: Its pilot, Ash Kennedy, was an Observer, and his reflexes, as well as his fast senses overclock the ASO, pushing it above its normal design limits. To correct this problem, Ian Vashti created a new, updated version of the ASO Gundam, dubbed the Emerald Gundam.

Unlike the ASO Gundam, which was created for normal pilots. The Emerald Gundam was created for taking the advantage of balancing an Observer's quick reflexes. It can transform into gunner mode, and combine with the Peacemaker for a much more powerful weapon. Elizabeth Kennedy, Ash's sister and the pilot of the Peacemaker, volunteered to be the test pilot of the Emerald Gundam, with favorable results, she claimed to Ian that the machine was "so powerful, it was at the brink of going berserk."

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