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Kyri Oceana is the daughter of a well respected FAITH member, Kano Oceana, the Plant head scientist, Diana Oceana, and older sister of the piano prodigy, Lyle Oceana. Kyri always had the highest scores in her classes because she was always given high expectations from her parents, so being the least talented in her family, she had joined the ZAFT army because of her father and her tomboyish personality. Kyri is a tomboyish girl that is talented only in mobile suit handling, but she really wants to be a violinist and could not be one because her skills weren't good enough to pass as one, so she had joined the army due to being enlisted by her father; she had passed the exams so easily that she was immidiately given the title of a red coat and a mobile suit pilot.


  • Her last name "Oceana" comes from the word "Ocean"