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"Space is a Cold and Brutal Place, for we Newtypes it is home however by expanding into space we abandoned the ideals of having Gods as we fled the Rays of the Sun, instead we turned to our Royalty to be our bright star and lead us into the wider Universe. To us, Krane and his Heirs are Gods, they are the strongest of the Newtypes therefore their aura demands Obedience and receives it!"
―Kristine describing the Newtype Loyalty to Krane Vi Creuset in a conversation with Ryu Hisanaga.

Kristine Boonar is the adopted younger Sister of Kale and Cecile Boonar, she is revealed to be the Biological Clone of Kale and Cecile's unnamed deceased Baby Sister whom had the last wish to be "reborn" as a Soldier of the Newtypes, to that end the Custom Cyber-Clone was born; she was programmed for combat and serving the Newtype Royalty, at the age 16 she joined ZAFT and became a member of the Dark Celestials, a Newtype Controlled Organization.


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