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Krane Vi Creuset, based off the Gundam Seed Fanfiction Character: Krane Hibiki, is a son of Rau Le Creuset and revealed to be the present successor to the Newtype Royal Family.


Physical Appearance

Ever since Krane became an Ace and a high ranked member of the PLANTs Political and Military Regime he was allowed a personal outfit, Krane’s shoes are White Leather while his pants were black leather except for the crotch area which held white leather instead and a red leather belt was also there for little more than appearance, Krane’s shirt meanwhile looks like leather body armour that cut off at the armpit. Krane also has two upper arm bracelets made of rare Ebony Gold and an necklace with an a Kite shaped Amethyst at the end that Kira Li Creuset had given him, on Krane’s left wrist there was a watch while on Krane’s right lower arm there was instead a Black Leather arm warmer.


Krane's personality is described as friendly but cold despite the flare he has for a Newtype Empire in the future, he is described by Than as an "Event Horizon", where Light inside him or past him are blocked by impassable Darkness as seen often with a Black Hole making the light nothing more than


Skills and Powers