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"Athrun, stop it! This Kira isn't the Kira you once knew!"
―Dearka Elsman to Athrun Zala during Athrun's outburst at Kira due to a dismissive uncaring for Hikari Yamato's death.

Based off Kira Yamato from the original Gundam Seed, Kira Li Creuset is Kira if he were to have been raised by Rau Le Creuset and taught of his Newtype Heritage, unlike the original Kira he was trained as a Soldier and has no quarrels with killing his enemies.



Unlike the original Kira Yamato, Kira Li Creuset dislikes the fact that people complain about there being no peace when Humanity's nature when not led by Newtypes, is war and destruction. This he embeds within Shinn Asuka whom comes to believe that Unification through any means is the only way to retain peace, Kira is loyal to the Newtype Goal and therefore his desire for Krane to become Emperor of the Earth Sphere by leading the Newtypes to their position of power, therefore he will kill anyone and destroy anything to complete this goal.

Physical Appearance

Like the original Kira Yamato, Kira Li Creuset has brown hair and purple eyes, he has a very defined frame that in Newtype Seed describes him as muscular. This is due to the Soldier training he went through that the original Kira lacked.


Powers and Abilities