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Gundam Tornado

The Kidverse is my own personal Gundam universe, it includes 3 different Calenders all in one single universe

In Universe

Calendar 1 Dark Age

The Dark Age started after January 1,2084 when the Jackals took over the Solar System, enslaving all under their dictatorship, even after they were defeated the calender stayed as the "Dark Age" for they next two conflicts against the Jackal Remnants and the Jackal Restoration Group, respectively

Calender 2 Restoration Century

After the defeat of the Jackal Remnants and Jackal Restoration Group the calender was changed to the Restoration Century, a mere 25 years and 2 months after the Dark Age began

Calender 3 War Time

After World War III was declared, the timeline switched to War Time

Real World

The KidVerse is unique among Gundam timelines as it has 3 Calenders


Dark Age

0010-0012 DA Mobile Suit Gundam Rebellion

0012-0013 DA Mobile Suit Episilon Gundam

0020-0021 DA Mobile Suit Gundam Heroes

0023 DA Mobile Suit Gundam Heroes-Aftermath

Restoration Century

001 RC Mobile Suit Gundam Restoration

005 RC Mobile Suit R Gundam

209 RC Mobile Suit Ghost Gundam

War Time

0001 WT New Mobile War Gundam Flame

0018 WT Mobile Suit Destroy Gundam

0348 WT Mobile Suit Photon Gundam

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