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"The Newtypes, especially the Newtype Nobility of the Clans, live to serve the Royal Family. That is all we have wished for after the last of the Royal Line disappeared, now that we have our Royal Family back, we won't let anyone kill them so easily!"
―Kale commenting on the Newtypes' Loyalty to Krane Vi Creuset and his Family.

Kale Boonar is a Dark Celestial Super Ace and the Leader of his own Personal Mobile Suite Team, he is seen leading the Dark Celestials Task Force at Heliopolis and enjoys destroying the enemy Forces there, it is assumed by the way he acts around Richard Arron that he is attached to the youth and my even push for a relationship with him.


Physical Appearance

Kale has Amethyst Hair and Eyes, sporting his hair into fringe length style. He is a medium sized youth that usually wears Black and White, he wears one ring on his left hand in Newtype Seed and a second on his right hand in Newtype Destiny, he reveals at some point that the first is from his deceased sibling and the second is from Richard himself.


Kale is described as having two personalities that he switches between depending on the circumstances, he is described to be kind and understanding to those he particularly cares about including Richard, that said however he can turn into a purely evil and manipulative bastard when in command of his Task Force which Richard dismisses as war "bringing the bad out in everyone".


Powers and Abilities