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The Judicium (ジャディシアム, Jadishiamu) is one of the main antagonist faction of Mobile Suit Gundam FATE anime series. The Judicium is indigenous life forms which inhabited both Earth and Eternium.



Small Size / Category-S

Medium Size / Category-M

Large Size / Category-L

Giant Size / Category-G

  • Aegypto (アエジップトー, Aejipputō)
  • Colosso (コーローソー, Kōrōsō)
  • Ecelapha  (エセラファー, Eserafā)
  • Coelestes (コーレステズ, Kōresutezu)
The Coelestes is one of the largest of all the Category-G Judicium at over a thousand feet long.  This Category-G Judicium was served as the main antagonist in the Third Chapter.

Uncategorized / Unknown Category