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Josh Starstorm is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles, he is a minor antagonist of the series, as well as the brother of major antagonist, Zachary Kanegawa.


Little is known about Josh's early life, but he was introduced in Chapter 9 of the series as Zachary's brother. He questioned him on who the Kennedy Siblings are, his brother replied that the Kennedy Siblings are his most hated enemies, as well as his rivals. Josh takes his opportunity to help his brother destroy the Kennedy Siblings, first thing he did was that he killed their parents.

Josh returns in Chapter 11 alongside of his brother, he finds this as a great opportunity to attack the Galacticus Starta, seeing that the ASO Gundam isn't placed into combat due to Ash refusing to pilot it. He tries to tell Zachary that he is in need of help, but his communications to his brother are being ignored. Ash later shows up, and it is later revealed that he was the pilot of the same black Zaku that destroyed the Sapphire City Mall. Upon hearing this, Ash's anger exceeds the highest level and kills him using the ASO's Ragnarok skill. Thus triggering Zach's hatred towards Ash.

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