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General. Jordan T. Delgado de Mayor or so called Mr. Delgado. is a respective Veteran Officer and Pilot of Slaughter dagger of Earth Forces.... Jordan recieve the GAT-01A2R Slaugther Dagger by Lord Dijibril because Dijibril have a trust to him that he can destroy the all FAITH members led by Shinn Asuka and the new leader Gordon T. Renato.. and to the future after a gream war Between ZAFT and Earth Forces Jordan and the whole gundam seed filipino characters facing the challenge of the New enemy the (Bakulaw)

105-slaughter-dagger-1 copy

General Delgado wearing his famous Black coat and he is the new leader of 1st squad independent squad phantom pain.

Jordan T. Delgado de Mayor
Voiced by:

Michael Tongol (GS,GSD,GSDF)

Jopet Niebla (Stage play, GS)

Aliases: Mr. Delgado
Genetic Type: Naturals
Born: December 1, C.E. 54 at Victoria City
Nationality: Victorians
Parents and youngest Sister:
  • Elfuste Delgado (Father, deceased)
  • Maria Delgado (Mother, deceased)
  • Roshell Delgado (youngest sister)
Rank: General (GS, GSD)
Allegiance and Organizations:

Earth Forces

  • (Blue Cosmos) (GS)
  • (Rebel Squad Activist) (GS)
  • (1st squad independent squad phantom pain) (GSD, GSDF)

(Blue & white) when he was an ordinary officer of Earth forces

(Black) when he became a general and leader of the squad

  • Loyalty Award of Earth squad
  • Medal of Valor
  • Medal of Heronian Victorias!!
  • Cross My Hearth
Motto (Hindi kapa Hubog) Para malaman ang katotohanan

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