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Ignis Niveus (イグニズ・ニベアズ, Igunisu Nibeazu) is one of the main characters and the main protagonist in the four chapters of Mobile Suit Gundam FATE series. He is the founder and leader of Forsaken Rose and the primary pilot of Quantum Gundam Series.

Personality and Character

Ignis is an energetic and very kind young man at young age. However, Ignis is not without his dark side as his life are changed forever when his family suddenly died from unknown cause, become an orphan. During his despair and cruel life, he's completely depressed about losing everything and being treated horribly by many cruel and selfish people, causing him to believe that the world will be better without him and willing to do anything to protect innocent people.

At the unknown times, he was suffered of Hemoptysis, occasionally causing him great pain as well as cough up blood.

Skills and Abilities


Early Life


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