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The Hollow Cameo is the Custom General-Purpose Cruiser for the Astraea and featuring in Mobile Suit Gundam FATE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Hollow Cameo is the custom general-purpose cruiser of Astraea. The ships were moderating armed with five beam cannon, four large missile launchers and ten vulcan guns.


  • GN High-Energy Beam Cannon
The only other beam weapons carried by Silvia-class ships are five high-energy beam cannons, which, like the ones of the Archangel-class and Ptolemaois 2 Kai ship, can move into several positions. It also can used to provided the protection while mobile suits were launched.
  • GN Large Missile Launcher
    • 20x GN Micro Missiles
      • Minefield Type
      • Smokescreen Type
      • Beam Distruption Type
Besides energy guns and shell-firing weapons, The Silvia-class ship are also equipped with a large number of missile launchers, divided into 10 missile launchers with containing 20 micro missiles. These launchers allow the Silvia-class to fire a large number of different three missile types:
Minefield: The explosive cluster-jamming missiles and filled with mines. When fired, they detonate at a specified distance and release a large minefield in the path of the incoming enemy. An particle beam can ignite the field and incinerate everything within the mine field. The traditional ordinance are tracking missiles, loaded with mine that disperse on contact to cause an enemy Mobile Suit's frame to explode in seconds.
Smokescreen: The missiles with the capabilities to releasing an large smokescreen. Once its detonated, it will releasing an large smokescreen and distrupt the enemy mobile suit's screen and jamming the communication.
Beam Distruption: The beam distruption missiles to disperses beam weapons. These are essentially missiles that detonate some distance away from the ship and release a substance that disperses beam weapons with great range.
  • 10x GN Multi-Barrel Vulcan Gun
The only shell firing weapons on the ship are ten GN Multi-Barrel Vulcan Guns, used to shoot down incoming missiles or mobile units. Like the GN High-Energy Beam Cannons, the GN Multi-Barrel Vulcan Guns are movable to shoot down targets from several directions.

System Features

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