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Hikari Velse is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles. She is a member of Emerald Tower Militaire who was modified to emulate Elizabeth Kennedy, with her memories from the incident that happened she was nine years old. She made her debut in Chapter 13.


Hikari is portrayed to be a shy, yet cheerful young girl who tends to call Ash Kennedy, the person that saved her life Brother; revealing that she is a genetic clone of his sister with her memories from eight years prior.


Early life

Hikari was born in the rural suburbs of Onyx Town, which is also in Emerald Tower. She and her parents relocated to Sapphire City after an incident that occurred in the Onyx Town shopping center, which had framed her father greatly.

While she was shopping in the Sapphire City Mall, the mall started to fall apart after a black Shrike Zaku attacked it and managed to kidnap Hikari, who used the alias of Emily Smith. She heard a girl scream for her death until she was saved by the ASO Gundam. The kidnapper revealed himself to be Josh Starstorm, the younger brother of Lightning Squad ace, Gerald Starstorm.

The Sacred Lightning War

Capture by Ash and Shane

Helping Ash and Elizabeth

Final battles of the War


Emily watched Ash & Elizabeth fight against the Lightning Squad, but she felt the need to fight in the final battle as well. She entered in her custom colored Shrike Zaku, but she then witnessed Ash fighting William to end the war once and for all. She interfered and ultimately sacrificed herself to save Ash from The O's likely killing blow.

Her death had a profound effect on the siblings, and it even moved them to tears, enraged with anger. They both vow to kill William to avenge her death.

Emerald Chronicles E2

In Emerald Chronicles E2, Emily, along with Travis Willis, was revived by Celestial Being after they recovered her DNA from her destroyed Shrike Zaku. Elizabeth hugged Emily with tears of joy and happiness, knowing that the latter is happily reunited with her genetic clone.

In Chapter 13, she reveals to Ash and Elizabeth that her true identity is Hikari Velse, she also had Elizabeth's memories removed, making Hikari her own person instead of a clone of Elizabeth.


  • Hikari shares the same Japanese and English voice actresses as Four Murasame.

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