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Helios Spectora, is a Innovade created and customised by Sorath L. Seiei in the Fanfiction "New Dawn" to be used as a "Biological Backup" for Veda, it is revealed that through Helios he is able to completily control Veda and takeover its primary programing for his own purposes however it seems that Helios' love and affection for Sorath is his own instead of an addition to his Programing.


Physical Appearance

Helios is a multi-type Innovade whom is designed to act as the Administrator to Veda, therefore he is customly designed with platinum blond hair and honey coloured eyes, making him seem like he is always using his Quantum Brainwaves.


Helios' different forms

As a representive of the Divino Corporation, he usually wears a Black Suite with the crest of the company on the left side of the suite however what he wears outside of his Buisness suite is a little more primitive, Helios looks like he is till in his teens which is obviously deceptive given his mighty piloting skills and near infinite knowledge through the constant link to Veda.


Helios is not as vain as Ribbons and is seen as Stoic usually by his companions, being especially designed to manage and control a Super Computer years ahead of its time he has as such become similar to a computer in nature where he looks upon everything as a calculation, however around Resist or Sorath he has seemingly taken on a more human approch since unlike Ribbons he has molded himself with human nature and the interactions he has had with human based personalities.


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