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Heero Yuy is the original Protagonist of Mobile Suite: Gundam Wing, he is the genetic younger brother of Villain Yorn and a viciously powerful Newtype whom has been well sheltered in that field's learning department, this was the reason he was not alerted to the Assassination plot nor to the assassins' intent to make him the scapegoat until it was too late.



Heero's Personality is born from a Mastery of self-discipline, extreme body control and ability to reason through methods of extreme training, he has long since ignored the feelings he gets when he kills even potentially accepting them. Heero would kill anyone whom gets in the way of his mission, however some people especially Quatre and the other Gundam Pilots have become close to his heart, therefore he stray's his hand past them and considers them allies or friends causing him to brighten slightly among them.

Physical Appearance

Heero's outfit hasn't changed much over the last two years except for the fact that he has grown taller and far more physically bulkier, his Newtype heritage is shown from his body as being the "strong arm" Newtype Royal he was genetically built to be, Heero's expression is usually stoic however every now and then a silver ray has always shown through the grey clouds.


Powers and Abilities