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Chapter 12: Happy Birthday, Ash!


Aboard the Galacticus Starta, Ash Kennedy has fully recovered from his exhaustion from the previous chapter, he takes his time to see what he has planned for today. What he learns is that his birthday is tomorrow, and that he should get ready for such a day. His name was later called because its time for breakfast.

During breakfast, Ash sees Saji and Shane arguing over who should pilot the RY-175 Guncannon Mark II. Ash tells the two to calm down because tomorrow is a special day for him, and he doesn't want them to ruin it. They understand what he told them, and he serves breakfast for the two. He calls Elizabeth's and Louise's names to inform them that its breakfast time.

After breakfast, Ash talks to Elizabeth about planning a special party for him tomorrow. Elizabeth hugs him and tells him Happy Birthday, although it was a day early. Ash thanks her, and talks to his squad mates about planning the party for him. Jack reveals that it is a good idea, and there will be no combat deployment due to Ash's birthday coming up.

Ash is left alone in the Gundam Labs of Emerald Tower Militaire, while everyone goes shopping to buy supplies for Ash's birthday party. Ash took his time to repair the Black Zaku II he destroyed when he saved his sister. He did some slight modifications to it, such as changing its appearance and abilities.

Ash prepares an TSK-14A Gelgoog for everyone in Emerald Tower Militaire to use, as well as one for Shane so he can stop arguing with Saji over who should pilot the Guncannon Mark II. He came to the idea of using the Federation of Zeon's mass production models, turning them into Type 1 mobile suits. He then tests out the Gelgoog in the training labs for 5 minutes, the results were well, and he detects no flaws in them.

He finished repairing the Zaku II he previously destroyed, turning it into a Command Type Zaku II for his own personal use. He tests it out for 3 minutes and 30 seconds to see how well it fairs in combat against the Gelgoog, and results were well, with the same strength and stability as Shane's Gelgoog.

He has finished testing them out, and everyone returns to headquarters. Ash goes to headquarters to see if everyone's home. The lights go on, and everyone screams "Surprise!". Ash learns that its a surprise birthday party that his little sister came up with. The cake is served and is coated with chocolate. Everyone tells Ash to have a great birthday and he hugs Elizabeth for holding such a great birthday for him.

The episode ends with Ash preparing to showcase the new Mobile Suits he created, everyone applauds him for creating such variations of old Mobile Suits.

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