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A Gundam Wing Series based off the original series where the Colony Liberation Organization gained extra help from Colonies at L7 within the Asteroid Belt whom claim to be the NIUT, Newtype Royals and Nobles within the NIUT give genetic details that allow the Birth of the 7 Gundam Pilots, whom head to Earth for Operation Meteor.


In AC 195, Operation Meteor, which held the hopes of both Spacenoids and Newtypes was launched on the Earth Sphere and the Earth Sphere Alliance. In revenge for the demise of Heero Yuy whom led the Colonies, the Colony Independence Organization set about sending a group of Five highly advanced machines to Earth as shooting stars, meanwhile the NIUT Secret Service sent their own task force to coordinate the efforts by the Five Gundam pilots sent to Earth. Seventeen years prior, the NIUT genetically engineered Seven Fetus' to produce unique Newtypes based on the Newtype Royalty and Nobility that reside at the NIUT homeland, if things went to plan then they would rule the Earth Sphere while the NIUT expanded into the Sol Sector.


Colony Liberation Organization/NIUT

Gundam Pilots

NIUT Officials

Gundam Engineers


Newtype Civilians
Colony Civilians

Vehicles and Support Craft

Mobile Weapons

Operation Meteor Gundam Pilots


Mobile Suites

Mobile Armours

Organization of Zodiac(OZ)/Romefeller Foundation


Mobile Suites

Mobile Armours

Mobile Dolls



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