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Gundam Seed Finale Episode at Ministry of Defence

  • Earth's Army Pride De Mayor
  • Renato for all
  • Activated Green Frame deport to alpha 6 to PANAMA Base
  • lito Ugami for all seasons only
  • lions hearth very fast like wild Airborn Freedy Baliw
  • Men of Fury Francisco Nicolay
  • Jimboy Ascalero Men of MESSIAH
  • Fox of Night Sky but died in Red Sword (Ronald Baliw)

Gundam Seed Filipino Version Starts with a 5 series of comics/Manga after that the editor wants to expand there Character they add 2 main characters in gundam seed Episode 1-50 Jordan T. Delgado a young boy lives in flames of war in Victoria neer in Earth's 2nd Mass Driver and Gordon M. Renato another young boy wants to be an earth Army someday but thats dream has loss both main character join the Military Jordan in Earth while Gordon in PLANTS after that many Escalate Battlefields up to the battle of Genesis in (GS) and Battle at Messiah and Earth's Moon Base (GSD) the film maker expand there film.. For the First time they Create there own episodes the Gundam Seed Final Plus OVA NOVA, Gundam Seed Starlight, Gundam Seed to the Stars and the last of all Gundam Seed Final Finale when Jordan killed Magsaysay in Battle at Bakulaw (Operation Breakthrough Asteroid) and Sacrificing the Aile pack of Slaughter Dagger at the Asteroid to end the war and to end the arise of (TINAKDA) the last Scence of the episode is when Earth, ZAFT and ORB forces celebrate the world's victory at the New Ministry of Defence and Awarding A Ministry Badge and Men of Valor Badges in 3 main Character (Jordan T. Delgado, Gordon M. Renato, Martines C. Nicolay)... the Official ending C.E. 70 - C.E. 85... after that war Gundam Seed Filipino version Expand to the last Episode the Extra finale Gundam Seed C.E. 85 Revolution (the worlds hunts for the very last Enemy...... Wilfred and Magno)

Gundam Seed Filipino Version Information
  • Military
  • Romance
  • Mecha
Directed by:
  • Von Michael Tongol
  • Jhasper Niebla
Written by:
  • Jhasper Niebla
Licensed by:
  1. My Creative Hands
  2. Mauler Studio
  3. Gundam Kadokawa
Original Run:
  • April 1, 2009 to Present 2011
Episode Filipino versions:
  1. Gundam Seed Final Plus OVA NOVA
  2. Gundam Seed Starlight
  3. Gundam Seed to the Stars
  4. Gundam Seed Final Finale
  5. Extra- Gundam Seed C.E. 85 Revolution
Main Characters:
  • Jordan T. Delgado
  • Gordon M. Renato
  • Martines C. Nicolay
  • Lord Magsaysay
  • Thomas Taft
  • Jerome T. Delgado
Manga episode: 3 episode after that transform into Film
Voice by:
  • Jomel Castillet (Bakulaw Army)
  • Jhasper Niebla
  • Von Michael Tongol
Studio: My Creative Hands

Best in Editing New Cracter in Every Chapters

Best Action Film (Battle at Bakulaw) Scene

Gundam Seed Filipino Version All right Reserve April 1, 2009 to Present

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