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"Kira is forced to pilot the Strike at Heliopolis, but she is not alone, but will one of her friends past hurt them, or save them?"
―Summery of Gundam SEED: Path to Redemption

An alternate reality to the Gundam SEED franchise where Kira Yamato is female instead of male and several new characters appear, it has influences from several other Gundam Franchises as well.


Follows the storyline of Gundam SEED where Kira Yamato and her friends are dragged into the war between Naturals(Earth Alliance) and Coordinators(Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty[ZAFT]) due to the ORB based company Morgenroete aiding the Earth Alliance develop several mobile suits known as the G-weapon and ZAFT raiding the colony in the hopes of stealing the prototype weapons.


New Characters

New Mobile Suits

New Ships

New Organizations

New Technology

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