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The Rivalry of the Tiger and Dragon

After the new leaders had taken over Plant and the Earth Alliance, the war had started again, putting Orb back in the middle. During a battle out in space, ZAFT and Earth were battling it out and later in the battle, the new ZAFT mobile suit, Accel, was launched and immediately caused surprise in the Earth ranks; right after it had slowed down and stopped, it casted off its outter armor and caused even more surprise. After casting away its armor, Accel shot its boosters and annihilated a full line of the Earth Alliance army then shot DRAGOON units out of its wings and destroyed more enemies. Angered by the war coming back, Cagalli and Athrun sent out the three pilots Ryubi, Sabre, and Kyri to try and stop the battle, but ended up being in the crossfire; since Sabre was from the Earth Alliance and Kyri was from ZAFT, Cagalli expected her plan to work but it didn't and only caused Orb more trouble. Being mistaken for enemy troops, Cagalli ordered them to retreat and come back to Orb, but during the retreat, Sabre and Kyri were given orders by their superiors to come back to their sides and were to be destroyed if they didn't defect. Being that Sabre and Kyri had no choices, they both turned on each other and fought for their sides, leaving Ryubi in the middle with Orb; Ryubi was mistaken to be a Earth soldier after being attacked by a ZAKU and destroying it, making Race Terui, the pilot of Accel, attack Ryubi. When Accel dashed to Crescent Moon, Ryubi had blocked Race's attack making him surprised; after a little while, Race asked for the Crescent Moon pilot's name and then Ryubi answered with his name, then Race replied back with these words:

"The dragon huh!? What a coincidence! I am 'The Tiger' Race Toramaru Terui! This means fate has given me a rival!"

Ryubi was surprised at his response and didn't know what he was talking about. Race then explained the story of the Tiger and Dragon and how they were destined rivals.

After a little while, Ryubi retreated as ordered back to Orb but Race wanted to continue the battle so he chased him until a GAT-01 Strike Dagger distracted him. Ryubi had escaped the battle but came back by himself with only one thing gained, a rivalry with the tiger; coming back by himself, he had no choice to tell Cagalli and Athrun that Kyri and Sabre had gone back to their original sides. Disappointed, Ryubi, Cagalli, and Athrun had to come up with other ways to stop the war again. The episode then ends with Shinn Asuka making a complaint to his captain and then walking away and talking with Lunamaria Hawke who was waiting beside the the door he came out of.