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Happy Birthday Tiger

A day after Ryubi's date with Freya, Lacus Clyne was being worned out from all the work she had to do. Lacus soon after met with someone from the political tables named Charles Utopia, who wanted to make sure that Lacus was doing fine and asked her if he could take over for her while she is on vacation with her husband, Kira Yamato. Lacus had declined the offer but Charles insisted that she take a vacation for her own health and which gave Lacus the idea to actually take a short vacation, so she put her most trusted political partner in charge, not Charles. Two days after she took her vacation with Kira, the person she put in charge was assassinated, and Charles was then put in charge; many people had assumed that Charles was the one who assassinated Lacus' substitute, but it had turned out that they were wrong. When Lacus and Kira were returning to Plant, they had found out that her substitute was dead and had suspicion on Charles since he hasn't given up on being the leader of Plant yet; later the night of Lacus and Kira's return, Charles was assassinated and Lacus was blamed since she was the last one to be with Charles before he died.

Due to the death of Charles Utopia and the suspicion of Lacus Clyne being his murderer, Plant was in confusion, but Plant wasn't the only ones in shock, the Earth Alliance leader was also assassinated the day after Charles Utopia's death but had no one to blame. The Orb Union leader, Cagalli Yula Athha was almost killed the day before Charles' death but was saved by Athrun Zala. The shock of the 2 leaders' deaths put the nations under huge confusion, making it easy to misguide them, but that wasn't the only problem, Lacus Clyne was once again the target of assassination and was forced to run away with Kira and the others again, thus, giving even more suspicion on Lacus. Not too soon after, a politician by the name of William Jager took control of Plant and the unknown twin brother of Muruta Azrael, Guile Azrael took control of the Earth Alliance and the two then waged war with each other. At the end of the episode, a mobile suit pilot is walking by a ZAFT white coat man and talking about the new mobile suit ZGMF-Z042 Accel and ends the conversation with the man asking the pilot's name, he told him his name was Race Terui. The episode ends with Race Terui getting into Accel and finishing the episode by saying the words:

"Happy birthday, me!"