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Life's Meaning

After launching off and starting their mission, Ryubi, Kyri, and Sabre were ordered to search in some mountains in the Republic of East Asia because of suspicious looking people heading in and out of them. When they had reached the mountains, they had found the remaining 3 stolen mobile suits, ZADX-X009 Mask, ZADX-X007 Spirit, and ZADX-006 Ghost, and had decided to wait until night to come up with a plan to destroy the mobile suits and ruin the terrorists' plans. When night fell, the three conducted an ambush attack and destroyed the terrorist supplies and then headed towards the mobile suit bases to destroy them, but they were attacked by some other mobile suits and made Kyri destroy the 3 stolen mobile suits. When the day came up, the terrorists were defeated and were running away; the mission was completed, therefore they headed back to give the report of what had happened and then headed back to their homes in Orb.

After the mission was finished, Ryubi went to Freya's house to give her flowers again. When Ryubi saw Freya again, he gave her the flowers and was asked to take her outside, so Ryubi took her outside to her backyard to see her flowerfield and the ocean below the cliffs of the flowerfield. They started talking about Ryubi's mission and him meeting with his old friend, Sabre, and a strange coordinator girl, Kyri. After a little while, Freya asked Ryubi a question about life and then he just started looking confused. Not soon after, she says:

"Everything in life has a meaning, whether it's small or big, it's important for that person to find that meaning. I am one of those people who are still searching"

making Ryubi start to understand what was she asking, but not knowing the answer to her question, all he had said was:

"I guess I am too"

ending the episode with Freya looking over the ocean's horizon at the twilight with Ryubi by her side on the right also looking at the sun falling.