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The Meeting

After Ryubi lands and activates his mobile suit's phase-shift armor, he battles the terrorist mobile suits, finishing most of them off with only one attack from Crescent Moon Gundam. When Ryubi got to battle Heavy Gear Gundam, he unexpectedly got help from a ZAKU Warrior, and then the ZAKU pilot destroyed Heavy Gear Gundam with very little trouble. After the battle had finished, the ZAKU flew off to the Orb Union Military HQ along with Ryubi following it. When they had landed, they both had a call from Athrun Zala, ordering them both to come to a specified room, after that the ZAKU pilot took off his helmet and Ryubi was shocked to see who it was, it was a girl who looked younger than he was. When they both reached the room they were ordered to come into, Ryubi was once again surprised to see who the person inside was, it was his childhood friend, Sabre Cosmos, in a white Earth Alliance uniform.

When Ryubi and the girl had entered the room and taken their seats, they introduced themselves to Athrun, starting with their name, rank, and current mobile suit. The first to introduce herself was the ZAKU pilot, Kyri Oceana, a ZAFT red coat soldier, her current mobile suit is a ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior; next was Sabre Cosmos, an ensign mobile suit pilot of the Earth Alliance, his current mobile suit is a GAT-01 Strike Dagger; last was Ryubi Hoshigami, his ranking is lieutenant and his current mobile suit is ZADX-X012 Crescent Moon Gundam, making him the only one there with a Gundam and also making Sabre the lowest ranked pilot there. When the three had ended their introductions, Kyri and Sabre were immidiately assigned new mobile suits; Kyri was given ZADX-X010 Stardust Gundam and Sabre was given ZADX-X011 Nova Gundam, then after that, all three of them were assigned a mission together to fight against the terrorists attacking the Orb Union since Orb was the center of the 3 nations alliance. The episode ends with the 3 mobile suits launching into the air, beginning their mission.