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"Coordinators, special humans created by humans. Coordinators had waged war on their creators, the Naturals, because of the deaths and sorrow the Naturals has caused them. Due to the explosion of Junius 7 and the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, the cold war has ended and became a true war between Coordinators and Naturals. After the first Bloody Valentine War, the battles between humanity has come to a short end, but due to the Blue Cosmos and the Phantom Pain, the war has once again restarted. The war once again ended with the death of Gilbert Durandal ending the Second Bloody Valentine War, bringing peace among all 3 nations... or so they thought"

―Narrator recapping

Dragon's Beginning

The episode begins with a 10 minute recap of what happened at the ending of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. The recap later ends and then the story begins starting with the prologue of Ryubi Hoshigami's life at the Orb explosion then skips to a 3 minute scene of his father's death after showing another 3 minute scene of his sister's death first and the time he first met Freya Gray second.

The year is 75 in the Cosmic Era; one year has passed since the Second Bloody Valentine War. Naturals and Coordinators has found to be in better peace with each other due to the hard work of Lacus Clyne, Cagalli Yula Athha, and the current Earth Alliance leader. But because of the 3 nations once again working together, the terrorist attacks has increased from both sides with more firepower, therefore, more mobile suits were created to stop these attacks. The Orb Union has agreed to take charge of finding most of the terrorists, so they had created 12 new mobile suit models; unfortunately, the first 5 new models were failures and 4 of them were stolen by the Blue Cosmos remnants, leaving only 3 models left, ZADX-X010 Stardust, ZADX-X011 Nova, and ZADX-X012 Crescent Moon.

Ryubi Hoshigami is an unfortunate Natural that was very smart when it comes to technology, so he is often mistaken for being a Coordinator. Ryubi went to see his fiance, Freya Gray, to give her flowers to wish her good fortune and hope for her illness to go away. They begin talking a little then Ryubi gets a phone call and apologizes to her for leaving so early; it then skips to a scene of some terrorists using the stolen mobile suit, ZADX-X008 Heavy Gear Gundam, to destroy some buildings; after showing some buildings being torn down by the terrorists, it shows a scene of Ryubi getting ready to launch. At the end of the episode, Ryubi screams out "Crescent Moon, taking off!" then ends with Crescent Moon Gundam landing and activating its phase shift armor then shows a closing up on Ryubi's face and then he smiles.