This page is official Gundam Fan Fiction Wiki policy.

This page is for the current projects on this Wiki.

Gundam Fanon Projects
Projects Description Status
Template Creation The admin team is currently creating the necessary templates to make this wiki run. Ongoing
Recruitment The admin team is currently recruiting new members to this site. As you may know, members are the lifeblood. Ongoing
Image Categorization All Images should be categorized, if anyone image is found categorized, please do so immediately. Ongoing
Contradiction Mark all pages that contradict new media and were made before that new media need to be marked with a Template:Contradict. Any pages that do not meet those two requirements must be marked with Template:NotCanonFriendly. Ongoing
Undeleted Talk Pages Help the Admins by marking all undeleted talk pages of deleted article pages with a Delete template. This is a must in order to clean up this wiki and not have a bunch of talk pages that are talking about nothing! Ongoing
Timeline Creation of Timeline Pages Incomplete
Categorization of Pages We would like each pages to be categorized. Use of Infoboxes or otherwise. Ongoing

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