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Welcome to the Gundam Fanon Wikia, this page is to explain the purpose of the wiki and how it should be used.


  • What is "fanon"?
The word fanon stems from a cross between fanfiction (or fandom) and canon, it refers to commonly accepted ideas among authors even if they are not actually expressed in the canon work. This means that any work on the GFW is in the writer's mind part of the official canon in terms of their work.
  • Why would you want to?
Some people enjoy rewriting certain events to change outcomes or crossing over two official timelines (say the Anno Domini and Cosmic Era timelines) to see what other possibilities could arise. Other people may write fanfiction purely to create their own universe to build as they see fit.
  • What kind of things can you do?
There many different types of fanon work:
  • Expanded universes
Taking a known timeline and adding your own work to it, this may be woven in with the main storyline from official canon or be more independent.
  • Timeline Crossovers
Ever wanted to see Setsuna hash it out with Kira Yamato? Well now you can.
  • Own Universe
Some writers may not be happy with setting something within the Universal Century or Cosmic Era, this means though they are entirely capable of creating a new universe from scratch to suit their desires.
  • What makes the GFW the place to be?
Being a wikia-based site the Gundam Fanon Wiki users can use various different code to create templates for their pages, these templates are most frequently used in the form of infoboxes. These allow users to easier integrate raw data and images into their pages.
  • Frequently used infoboxes
Template:Mobile Suit Infobox
Template:Mobile Armor Infobox
Template:Character Infobox
Template:Gunpla Infobox
Template:Ship Infobox
Template:Television Series Infobox
Template:Episode Infobox

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do
Have fun
Enjoy your work
Enjoy other people's work
Work together
Help each other
Stick to official canon bases
Offer to help users who may be less skilled
  • Don't
Plagiarise other people's work
Vandalise pages
Be rude
Cross over your own work with someone else's if they don't want to
Steal images if someone has expressly said it's not for your use
Some people on the internet may be willing to make an exception if you ask nicely


  • Talk Pages
If you find yourself in a jam and need help you can speak to anyone you need, just drop a question on their talk page and sign it with your signature (default action is typing ~~~~ after your message):
Bla bla bla, bla bla etc.
  • Admins
Several admins are active on the wiki and are willing to help out, be it a code problem, vandal or other problem just contact them on their talk pages.
  • Active Admins
Another Poetic Spartan (also goes as APS for short)
Notable things: Admin in chief and ace coder
DarkGhostMikel (aka Dark, or Mikel)
Notable things: Also high code skills
Wingstrike (sometime masquerades as some guy called Wing)
Notable things: infobox tinkerer, high speed response admin, generously fixes up random articles for other people.

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