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"One by One our planets have fallen and all that remains between us and them is oblivion"
―An insane Innovade referring to the ever approaching ELS threat

Background Information

The Fallen Earth Timeline takes place in an alternate universe where Season 2 of the show takes place one year earlier and the ELS invasion of Sol takes a much slower pace


Early History

Early History
Year Event
Unknown A small fleet of vessels crash into Earth's atmosphere.
Unknown Aeolia finds an artifact buried in the sands of Egypt before being found unconscious with the artifact missing .
Unknown Construction of the Orbital Ring begins following the designs that were provided by Aeolia closely, Celestial Being influences the designs to assist it the completion of the plan that was set for them


Pre-Earth-Fall Timeline
Year Event
2311 Celestial Being Begins its reconstuction following the battle of Celestial Being (Mothership).
2311 The hidden scaffold facility in orbit of Jupiter begins construction of a Mothership type vessel.
2312 Celestial Being mothership is captured by the ESF. Veda remains under partial control of Celestial Being.
2312 The ELS emerge and assimilate Pluto and begin to produce an assault force from the materials
2312 KOS-MOS 0 and KOS-MOS 1 Come online.
2313 A number of True GN-Drives are manufactured inside a gravity generator facility aboard the Mothership
2313 The first Phase Disassembler Array comes online and creates one of the largest mine-shafts to date, causing a sizable geological disturbance
2314 ESF colony ships 1-42 Are completed and launched into orbit
2314 Evacuations of selected Humans begin, riots ensue
2314 Large sections of the Orbital Ring are re-purposed into Cryotrays and cut away to provide a greater number of spaces for human colonists
2314 Terrorists destroy the remaining two elevators
2314 Earth's atmosphere and ecosystem are devastated during the rushed construction of each colony ship
2314 An unknown colony-type vessel under the control of the restored Innovade Ribbons preforms a Jump away from Sol after breaking free of the mostly consumed antarctic iceshelf, according to observers it was almost city-like in design

Post Fall

Post Fall
Year Event
2315 Earth Falls 30 minutes after midnight on new years day, A majority of the fleet Transitions away from earth as the ELS begin to assimilate the northern continent.
2315 The First Alien derelict is recovered, its database reveals a new planet clear of the ELS threat
2315 Survivors of humanity begin to rebuild their forces in the event of new enemies.
2315 The ESF governmental body is removed from command in favor of the newly completed "Fleet Command" Terminal that comprised of Veda linked to the Female scientist Karen S'Jet .
2315 The Sol System is destroyed

Post Landfall

Year Event
Post Landfall The Mothership arrives in orbit of the newly dubbed Hiigara where colonization and rebuilding efforts begin.
Post Landfall All Gundam Meister along with prominent members of the renaming population are provided with the 'Monitor' Nanides to greatly enhance their lifespans. A council type government is formed to control the newly colonized world
Post Landfall The first Planet-Cracker is produced


Vehicles and Support Craft

Mobile Weapons



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