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A Cyber Newtype Clone of a Cyber Newtype based off the genetics of Kazan Aznable, he is a member of the Archangel-type Cyber Newtypes created by Nanai Maguiel under the request of Char Aznable for his son, Gabriel is most conversational and friendly of the three clone brothers while completing his mission for Kazan Aznable with utter accuracy one can expect from not only a soldier but a trusted friend.


Physical Appearanace



Skills and Abilities


Perfected Newtype

Like all Archangel-type Cyber Newtypes, whom were born based off the genetics of a successful "Ultimate Newtype" are bred for the harshness of space and the communication with alternate life or technology, due to their brainwaves being erratic it makes it difficult to predict their attack patterns or the movement of their Funnel-type weapons. The theory of the "Perfected Newtype" are Newtypes whom have complete control over Brainwaves located from a "Newtype's side of the Brain", it is believed that Radiance Particles and the Radiation from them can cause Newtypes to become "Ultimate Newtypes" to that end Kyle Kahn Deikun was first updated into a "Ultimate Newtype" before being handed over to the Vist Foundation.


Gabriel has been implemented with a natural combat program passed down from constant research on the desire to fight, unlike past Cyber Newtypes, the Archangel-type Cyber Newtypes can "turn on" or "off" their desire for combat allowing the Cyber Newtype to grow as their own person external to combat. They still retain their distaste of Earth Federation Mobile Suites especially Gundams however Gabriel has shown a sick enjoyment in destroying them similar to a sadist.

Terrestrial Combat

Like other Cyber Newtypes, an example being Marida Cruz, Gabriel has natural inbred hand-to-hand combat and knows how to use multiple close/long-range weapons depending on the situation.

Strategy and Negotiations

Like all of the Archangel-type Cyber Newtypes, even in battle, Gabriel's greatest weapon is his intelligence considering that he can easily plot with and respect skilled tacticians while ignoring lesser ones. Gabriel uses his skills to locate the most dangerous targets out of the enemy and pick them off with ease, he has been shown to be able to negotiate safe passage for neutral parties through Neo-Zeon territory and even advise Kyle in the working of politics, compared to Kyle's natural Nobile Upbringing.



  • In the Christian Religion, Gabriel is an Archangel of God and replacement of Raguel, Gabriel is the Messenger of God which is also the meaning of his name.