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The GN Drive Sicherstellung from the Fanfiction "New Dawn", literally meaning GN Drive Backup in full English, are Backup GN Drives created by Aeloia Shenburg which lack the Black Boxes within the GN Drives and therefore the Trans-Am System that Gundam Mobile Suites gained after the offical death of Shenburg.


The GN Drive Sicherstellung were originally known as the Backup GN Drives or the GN Drive Second Chance, intended to be used should the original GN Drives meet an end, these GN Drives have all the equipment that the original GN Drives have however lack the Black Box as well as the Information Stored within and Trans-Am. Sadly, the Research that Celestial Being and Mortalitas do on both the GN Drives and the GN Drive Sicherstellungs were copied at a respected base which Sorath used to build his GN Drive Extra, to surpass even the present GN Drives.

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