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The GN Drive Extra or GNX Drive Extra, similar to the GNX Drive Tau Extra, is a newly updated GN Drive based off the two powersources: GN Drives and GN Drive Tau.


Like the GNX Tau Extra, the GN Drive Extra have twice the internal equipment and present day upgrades that allow for almost three times the GN Particle production while the present upgraded GN Drives used by Celestial Being have almost Twice the Particle production compared to their original design in 2307 AD, however alternate to a GNX Tau Drive it is instead a source of Semi-perpetual energy compared to even the upgraded Tau Drives which have a time limit to their output. The GN Drive Extra units also have a Innovator-made Black Box System that not only acts as a Veda Quantum Terminal but also as a source of the Unit's design and an updated Trans-Am System.

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