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The GN Capacitor was Star Strike's attempt to replace the need for GN Drive equipped mobile suits within Celestial Being. The purpose of the capacitors were intended as insurance should one or more of Celestial Being's GN Drives be destroyed or stolen. The GN Capacitors were relatively small devices capable of generating GN Particles. They operated the same as GN Drives but at a far smaller scale.

A drawback to the capacitors is the inability to draw energy from their own topological defect. This is because the capacitors generate a defect to small for effective power generation. Instead of using a TD Blanket, the capacitors utilized solar power for power generation. Despite the lack of a TD Blanket, the particles generated did not produce the negative effects common to Tau Particles. This was due to a special component in the capacitor that enabled it to refine and filter GN Particles.

Despite it's low output however, the GN Capacitor still had great potential. This potential was first explored in the GNC-Ex, the first mobile suit to operate entirely off of GN Capacitors. The GNC-Ex featured multiple capacitors throughout the frame in an attempt to supply enough power to allow standard operation. Though the suit was functional, and even able to match the output of the 0 Gundam, it was deemed unsatisfactory in performance due to instabilities in power transfer and generation. Star Strike would still work to improve the GN Capacitors however, and their chance came when Strafe, a test pilot for the GNC-Ex, discovered the schematics for the GN Drive through his unique connection to Veda. The only component missing was the TD Blanket, a design they already had through Syrene Gaze.

With the schematics of the GN Drive, Star Strike was able to make multiple advances in their GN Capacitor technology. One such advancement was the installation of stronger yet smaller capacitors within the Wing Bits of the Perfect Guardian. The GN Capacitors were able to produce far more refined GN Particles, allowing smoother usage. The output was nearly doubled that of their original state by the time the first GNC-2 Agas was complete.

By the time of the War against The Ascent, GN Capacitors were commonly installed into weapons or condensers to allow enhanced output or to grant a means of particle recharge outside of using a GN Drive.

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