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GNX-901 is the Advanced mobile suit that the A-Laws have been working on since the development of the Original GN-X. This mass production mobile suit uses the GN Drive-Tau, a replicate of the original GN Drive. Although the GN Drives output is no different than the original, the color output is Red instead of Green.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The GNX-901 is a space focused Mobile Suit. It is 3x more powerful than the original GNX due to the increased energy output. When the first GNX-901 was launched, it had a huge GN Drive problem and the first prototype disappeared without a trace but left tones of information that can be used to further develop the GNX-901 into a better Mobile Suit. The original GNX901was only going to be used as an Elite Mobile Suit and make the battleground more hectic but after the incident, the results of it were beyond the researchers calculations.

The GNX-901 is armed with quite a lot of weapons compared to the normal GNX. It is armed with two beam sabers(Stored within the wrists), One GNX Rifle(Normally held), One GNX Bazooka(Stored in the middle of Backpack), One GNX Shield(Stored on the Arm), One GNX Lance(Stored on below the backpack horizontally) and Two GNX Palm Guns(Stored in the palms, fires as fast as the machine guns). In general, a mass production unit should not have too many weapons but due to the information the A-Laws have gathered about the GNCBF-001A Anixon,they would have to prepare units far more powerful than any other soldier unit.

This Mobile Suit has a normal soldier unit system that does not need a pilot to be infused with the GN Particles. Although the A-Laws can infuse pilots with GN Particles, It would not be safe due to the GN Drive Taus being a spin-off of the original GN Drives. The Operating System however, has been modified into a better system so that the Mobile Suits would be able to have sharper reflexes than the older models. Since the GNX-901 is a soldier unit, it has a link system that can link up with other GNX-901's and make a more synchronised attack.

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