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Gundam Throne Vier which is seen in the Fanfiction "New Dawn" is a recent addition to the original Throne line built shortly before Laguna Harvey's death as a means in which to redeem the deceassed supplier of Celestial Being for seeking power which he greed led to his imminent death, Gundam Throne Vier is stated to be a combination of Throne Zwei and Throne Drei, having the capabilities of both Zwei's GN Fangs and Drei's GN Stealth Field.


Throne Vier's design is unique to the last Generation Throne Gundams, it uses the designs of the GN Fangs and Stealth Field which is similar to its brother which uses GN Fangs but instead a GN Particle Transfer System so that Fünf can link up with Mortalitas' Battle Carrier for higher Particle Output and Range when it comes to its GN Mega Launcher, Thrones Vier and Fünf both use replicas of the Original GN Drives called: GN Drive Sicherstellungs.