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A Throne-type Prototype Gundam used by Linear Train Industries as their base when they were designing the three Throne Gundams used by Team Trinity, it is mentioned in a number of Fics including "New Dawn" where it is in storage after being tested, it is also one of the designs that influenced the Wings and Binders located on the Alvarron and 1.5 Gundam respectively.


Due to the Mobile Suite design it was based off, the Ach could be considered a Variant of the CB-001 1 Gundam considering it has a similar frame but different weapons, it was designed to enforce the Rebirth through the destruction of Celestial Being.


Main Armament:

GN Beam Sub-machinegun

A Beam Sub-machinegun that has a Bayonett equipped with a Beam Dagger, this weapon is designed to overwhelm the enemy in constant fire while getting in close for a finishing blow.

GN Beam Dagger

Five Beam Daggers are stored throughout the Frame, used only in emergancies to counter close-range combat and can be thown at enemies, used as a projectile weapon with a bladed point.

GN Beam Sabres

Carries two standard Beam Sabres similar to those used on the GN-000 0 Gundam.

Custom GN Fangs

A upgraded version of the GN Fangs used on the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei, rather than having a single GN Beam Rifle, they come equipped with two extra. Their Beam Rifles use less energy as well as their thrusters, due to their this, they take up roughly the same amount of energy as the Zwei's Fangs.

Binder Double GN Beam Rifles/Cannons/Wing Blades

A Double GN Beam Rifle System that easily can be changed two either two cannons or as Wing GN Sabres when in Aerial Mode, the binders have multiple forms which can make full use of its equiped weapons.

Binder Forms:

  • Stand by Mode: Both binders are placed in this mode when not in use.
  • High Speed Mode: Both binders fold directly backward, increasing the Gundam's speed.
  • Flight Mode: Both binders fold outward to form wings and improve the Gundam's atmospheric flight efficiency.
  • Attack Mode: Both binders move to the right side of the unit and glow as they amplify GN particles in the right elbow's GN condenser. This mode greatly increases the power output the Gundam's GN Beam Sub-machinegun.
  • Defence Mode: Both binders move to the unit's left side and strengthen the GN field generated by the Gundam's GN Shield.
  • Rifle Mode: Both binders fold forward under the arms to function as beam rifles increasing the Gundam's offensive firepower, they also have an optional cannon mode for heavy attacks.
  • Alvaaron Cannon Mode: Both binders point forward over the shoulders and generate a GN field just before firing a powerful beam cannon. This feature, replicated later onto the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron, consumes enough energy to deplete the Gundam's GN Drive Tau with a single shot.

Special Equipment:


Corner GN Drive Replica

GN Drive Tau



GN Composite Armour