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The GNSS-X-1D Dash Gundam was originally intended to be a brother unit to the Rush Gundam. As such, it was equipped with a similar set of equipment, the only difference being the lack of GN Claws. The Dash was the second mobile suit to be equipped with a GN Drive under Star Strike. The Gundam was to be piloted by Gundam Meister, Strafe Lenardo. Unfortunately events didn't go as planned.

During a raid lead by Milliardo Consulo against Atlantis Base, important data was stolen about the GNC-EX and it's successors, the Rush Gundam and GNC-2 Agas. This data also contained the location of the newly finished Dash Gundam, which was constructed and stored on an secluded island in the pacific. Milliardo personally assaulted the base and stole the Dash Gundam.

The Dash Gundam would be used during the final battle of the War against Karith, in which Milliardo piloted it against Ransac Strike in his Rush Gundam. The evenly matched skills and mobile suits eventually left both suits nearly inoperational due to extensive damages. The battle ended in a draw. Milliardo would later join the A-LAWS using the mobile suit.


  • GN Sword: Similar to Exia’s GN Sword, the Physical sword was a massive blade that could switch between a sword and gun mode. The GN Sword featured a medium range beam rifle stored behind the blade.
  • Beam Saber: The Dash Gundam was equipped with two beam sabers for combat. A unique feature of the beam sabers was that their length could be modified at will to better suit the situation. They could also switch to boomerang mode, allowing them to be tossed as lethal projectiles and be easily retrieved upon return.
  • Beam Rifle: A standard medium range beam rifle designed for the Dash Gundam. The rifle was equipped as a backup should the GN-Sword be lost or destroyed. The rifle could charge it's energy for a stronger blast at the cost of firing rate.
  • GN Shield: The GN Shield for the Dash Gundam was a modified version of the shield used by Exia. The tip of the shield was designed to pierce armor and GN Fields with ease.