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GNR-001 Exia Renesance is a rebuit Exia using up-to-date Electronical Equipment and is used to express the use of the Veda Interface on the Purebred Innovator, Setsuna F. Seiei which thanks to his successful evolution allowed Ribbons Almark to upgrade to that level of Evolution also instead of being the Bridge between them, it is briefly mentioned to have been used in the Prologue of the Fanfiction "New Dawn" however by 2312 AD it has long been intergrated with an upgraded GNYR-004 Gundam Plutone Renesance to become the CB-0010 Gundam Una.


The Design of Exia Renesance is exactly identical to that of the original Gundam Exia however alternatly it now makes use of the experimental GN Drive Tau Extra unit and similar to Gundam Nadleeh/Virtue it now comes equiped with a Veda Quantum Interface System, it is equipped with GN Verniers which the original Exia lacked as it instead used the natural GN Particles being released from the Drive to push it, shortly before Exia was retired its design was used in 2311 AD to perfect the GNX-704T Ahead which was given to Aces in the A-LAWs.

Operational History

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