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The GNR-000 0 Gundam Renesance is a redesigned Gundam unit built of the design of the original GN-000 0 Gundam in the Fanfiction "New Dawn", created for the use of the Innovators under the request of Ribbons Almark, for most of early Season 2 it appears as his personal Gundam which he even sorties in a number of times.


Equipment outline


GN Beam Gun/Buster Rifle

Similar to the GN Sniper Rifle II, the GN Beam Gun acts as a folded version of the GN Buster Rifle which the extra barrel combined with the GN Beam Gun makes the form of the Buster Rifle.

GN Beam Rifle

A Beam Rifle used by the Alvaaron, used by the 0 Gundam Renesance, it acts as the Medium Range weapon of his Arsenal.

GN Beam Cannon/Double Beam Rifle Binders

Similar to Alvaaron and later the 1.5 Gundam, this Gundam's backpack additon gains a number of abilities that are later procreated by 1.5 Gundam which bases its binders off.

  • Stand By Mode: Both binders are placed in this mode when not in use.
  • High Speed Mode: Both binders fold directly backward, increasing 0 Renesance's speed.
  • Flight Mode: Both binders fold outward to form wings and improve 0 Renesance's atmospheric flight efficiency.
  • Attack Mode: Both binders move to the right side of the unit and glow as they amplify GN particles in the right elbow's GN condenser. This mode greatly increases the power output 0 Renesance's GN Buster Rifle.
  • Defense Mode: Both binders move to the unit's left side and strengthen the GN field generated by 0 Renesance's GN Shield.
  • Rifle Mode: Both binders fold forward under the arms to function as beam rifles, increasing 0 Renesance's offensive firepower, they can optionally act as a giant Beam Cannon each.
  • Alvaaron Cannon Mode: Both binders point forward over the shoulders and generate a GN field just before firing a powerful beam cannon. This feature, derived from GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron, consumes enough energy to deplete a GN Drive Tau with a single shot.

Binder Beam Cannon/Double Beam Rifle

The Binders contain two Beam Rifles each contained in a Double Beam Rifle formation beside each other, at full power the Double Rifles perform into two Beam Cannons.

GN Beam Saber

Based off the present Generation of Beam Sabres, these Beam Sabres have the same combat capacity as those used by Celestial Being if not stronger.