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GN '(Gundam Nucleus)'-X-Drive is the secondary power-plant of Prayitno Faction and imitation of Celestial Being's GN Drive and GN Drive Tau technology.

Description & Characteristics

The technical data of the GN Drives and GN Drive Tau are regarded by Celestial Being and Federation as one of their most important and valuable secrets. In order to prevent exploitation, most of its data was kept within Veda at its highest security level and is impossible to directly steal. Regardless, the Corner Family somehow obtained the data needed to build imitation drives that are functionally identical to the actual GN Drives. However, even with the data found, they were unable to fully reconstruct the original solar furnace due to the fact that the TD Blanket module used in the reactor core is a essential component of self perpetual energy generation, and the technical data on the module is not known to Veda, but only by a handful of Celestial Being engineers.

GN-X-Drive are imitations of real GN Drives and GN Drive Taus and while they are able to perform the same functions as real GN Drives, and like pseudo GN Drive, they are incapable of semi-perpetual energy generation or storage because they lack TD Blankets, a component relevant to GN particle generation and utilization. The GN particle energies that derive from such drives disperse blue hues.

Like pseudo GN Drive, GN-X-Drive possess weaknesses that will always make them inferior to their genuine counterparts, the particle output rate is less than a GN Drive's, meaning that one-on-one, the performance of a Tau Drive will not be able to keep up with a true GN Drive. Another handicap of the GN-X-Drives is that they require a special starter machine to charge and "activate" the Drives. However, the biggest weakness of the GN-X-Drive is that these drives depend on electrical power to continuously generate GN particles and is not self-sufficient without recharging, meaning that GN-X-Drives will have a limited operational time compared to true GN Drives. Because of these shortcomings, any machines powered by these drives will always have limitations against true GN Drives. Later, the GN-X-Drives has been upgraded with sub batteries to help supply electrical Driving force ((things other than beam weaponry, armor and thrusters)).

Core Components

The only currently known difference of a true GN Drive, GN Drive Tau and GN-X-Drive is the lack of a true TD Blanket, which has been substituted with something described as an "energy converter".

"Energy Converter"

No official name was given to it, however it is noted that this improvised component was used in the place of a TD Blanket. It should also be noted that the GN Drive Tau was manufactured without the the true core blanket and allows for its mass-production. In theory, the substitute module likely is involved with the particle-energy conversation but much of its properties are not known, making it a debatable subject.

System Features

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