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GN-004 Gundam Neuvieme is a custom Innovade-use Gundam and one of the main machines of the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms site. It is piloted by the Gundam Meister Cerulean Sky.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Neuvieme was designed and built on a Celestial Being-owned resource satellite within the Asteroid Belt. Based on an as-yet-unnamed 2nd-Generation Gundam, it was equipped and tuned forthe use of its Innovade pilot, Cerulean. Its frame is deceptively basic, yet it is able to mount various weapons such as a high-output GN Launcher. The wing binders on its back increase maneuvreability and speed, and also provide stability when firing the Launcher. The purpose of its face mask is unknown.

It is reportedly equipped with the Trial System.


  • GN Beam Rifle
A standard weapon. Its rate of fire and power are unremarkable compared to the other Gundams' weapons, yet it is easily powerful enough to destroy conventional mobile suits in one shot.
  • GN Beam Saber
Mounted on Neuvieme's rear skirt armour.
  • GN Launcher
A high-output ranged weapon that fires a massive GN Particle beam. Its destructive power is very high, but its rate of fire is low.
  • GN Shield
A durable shield of E-carbon reinforced with an internal GN Field.
  • GN Vulcans
Low-powered GN beam guns with a low firing rate intended for anti-personnel and anti-missile use, mounted on Neuvieme's wrists.

System Features

  • Trial System


As of yet, Neuvieme has yet to be deployed, and it is uncertain if its construction is complete.



  • As the Regalia Realms storyline does not feature the Gundams and characters from the canonical series, Neuvieme uses the model number of GN-004 normally assigned to Gundam Nadleeh.
  • Neuvieme's design is a combination of the legs and arms of Gundam Exia [00], wings of Virsago Gundam [X], torso of Dynames [00] and head of Astraea Type F [00F]. It also uses Astraea and Nadleeh's weapons.
  • 'Neuvieme' means 'Ninth' in French.