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GN-003 Gundam Armageddon is an experimental Gundam and one of the main machines of the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms site. It is piloted by the Gundam Meister Reaper.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Armageddon was designed and built on a Celestial Being-owned resource satellite within the Asteroid Belt. Based on an as-yet-unnamed 2nd-Generation Gundam, it was equipped and tuned for Reaper's personal use, although how much it was actually modified remains unclear. Armageddon is a somewhat unique machine among the third-generation Gundams, as its frame is able to mount a multitude of hidden features and weapons. Most strikingly, its arms can each divide in two, up to the shoulder, to provide Armageddon with four independently-working arms with which to wield its multitude of weapons.


  • GN Vulcans
Low-powered GN beam guns with a low firing rate intended for anti-personnel and anti-missile use mounted on the head of MS Mode.
  • GN Scythe
Armageddon's primary weapons, stored in folded state on the Gundam's back. Not only can each expand into a full-sized MS scythe with a GN Blade, but the opposite end houses a GN Beam Scythe emitter, and the haft can seperate in the centre to give Armageddon four melee weapons.
  • GN Beam Pistol
Housed in the side skirt armour. Each pistol's handle folds in for easier storage. Armageddon can wield all four at once thanks to its seperating arms.
  • GN Micromissile
Small missile launchers hidden in the waist, leg and shoulder armour.
  • Rocket Anchor
Each shoulder houses one rocket anchor facing forwards and one facing backwards. Small rocket-propelled spikes fire out on a retractable cable to anchor Armageddon to terrain or to snare opponents.


As of yet, Armageddon has yet to be deployed, and it is uncertain if its construction is complete. Cerulean Sky seems to have doubts or misgivings over the machine being assigned for use.



  • As the Regalia Realms storyline does not feature the Gundams and characters from the canonical series, Armageddon uses the model number of GN-003 normally assigned to Gundam Kyrios.
  • Armageddon's design is a combination of the head and body of Gundam Exia [00], legs and shoulders of Virsago Gundam [X], and arms of Nadleeh [00].

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