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Zakura MS Mode

Gundam Zakura

GN-002 Gundam Zakura is a sniper-type Gundam and one of the main machines of the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms site.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Zakura was designed and built on a Celestial Being-owned resource satellite within the Asteroid Belt. Based on an as-yet-unnamed 2nd-Generation Gundam, it was equipped and tuned specifically for the use of its pilot, the former proffessional soldier Lantern. Its frame is fairly standard for a Gundam, with an additonal heavy equipment backpack. Its cockpit features an aim assist device and Haro dock.

  • GN Mirage Field: A specialised kind of GN Field that renders Zakura invisible at long ranges, even when moving.
  • Sniper Mode: Zakura's backpack folds up over its head, giving the Gundam access to a range of enahnced sensors and scopes.


  • GN Beam Sabers- the standard close combat weapon equipped on most Gundams. Mounted in Zakura's backpack.
  • GN Vulcans- Low-powered GN beam guns with a low firing rate intended for anti-personnel and anti-missile use mounted on the head of MS Mode.
  • GN Beam Rifle- Zakura's rifle benefits from an extended range compared to its contemporaries' rifles, as well as increased accuracy due to its scope.
  • GN Sniper Bits


As of yet, Zakura has yet to be deployed, and it is uncertain if its construction is complete.


  • As the Regalia Realms storyline does not feature the Gundams and characters from the canonical series, Zakura uses the model number of GN-002 normally assigned to Gundam Dynames.
  • Zakura's design is a combination of the head, legs and lower arms of Gundam Dynames [00], rifle of Gaia Gundam [Seed Destiny], and torso, shoulders and backpack of Forbidden Gundam [Seed].

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