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GN-0000REII 00 Gundam II is the combined of GN-0000 00 Gundam and AVZ/X-2 Sword Pack. The unit is piloted by Ramires Niger.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

GN-0000REII 00 Gundam II Sword Type is the 00 Gundam II equipped with the Sword Pack. As 00 Gundam II Mobility Type is a Prototype Close Quarters Combat Multi-Mode Mobile Suit and the Sword Pack has also granting 00 Gundam II an greater attacks and defenses capabilities.

00 Gundam II Sword Type is equipped with two GN Vulcan Guns, GN Sword III Kai, two GN Beam Sabers, two GN Anti-Armor Penetrator Combat Knifes, two GN Anti-Ship Swords, two GN Beam Boomerangs and lastly GN Shield which GN Beam Gun are mounted on it.



System Features

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