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GGJ-T-1800 Termination is a mobile armor suit that has a near-appearance of a Gundam, but much more bulkier with a different head design and taller then a regular Gundam.


The Termination is a Gundam. But takes a role as an anti-Gundam merely. The mobile suit was constructed by scientists in hopes for destroying other hostile Gundams. It's head design is similar to a skull with red sensors but appears Gundam like. The body had a bulky design, fitted with a mass amount of weaponry such as, Gatling guns, head Vulcan's, laser weaponry, missiles, and mini nuclear warheads, and anti Gundam warheads.

The armor plating on the mobile armor have chrome plating, and hyperalloyed making the Gundam tough to withstand heavy combat.

Behind the scenes

The Gundam was inspired by the endoskeleton from the Terminator, hence its name GGJ-T-1800 Gundam Termination.

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