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"Everything in life has a meaning, whether it's small or big, it's important for that person to find that meaning. I am one of those people who are still searching"

―Freya Gray

Freya Gray is an important supporting character and the first love interest of Ryubi Hoshigami. She does not have a mobile suit or has ever ridden in one and despite being an important character, she does rarely ever leaves her home or have many scenes.


Freya Gray is a rich heir in the Orb Union struck with an unknown disease since her 5th birthday. She lives with her parents and 3 maids who all took care of her until she died. Her brother, Fayt Gray, is a Lieutenant Commander in the Orb military who was killed in battle by trying to save Ryubi Hoshigami from being killed by Race Terui. She and Ryubi were arranged to be wedded a week after her birthday when she has turned 18, but strangely, she had died on the last minute right before her birthday.